Our Company  | Who We Are

Our Origin Story

Custom software solutions from Fort Wayne, Indiana since 1978.

Logikos was built on the idea that a software company that focuses on excellent engineers working in collaboration will produce better software for its clients.

38 years later, our top-notch engineers are still our secret weapon for adding value and exceeding our clients' expectations.

Our Values

Our company culture is centered on investing in our employees and focusing on the needs of our clients.

We constantly strive...

  • to consistently deliver quality products that impress our clients and distinguish us from our competitors.
  • to invest in our people, by providing opportunities for continued skills development and career growth.
  • to allow our engineers to excel by maintaining an attractive, collaborative work environment.
  • to achieve mutual success with our clients by working as a team
  • to communicate frequently, openly, and honestly with clients and fellow employees.
  • to identify, attract, and retain the best people.
  • to continually improve quality by creating, teaching, and improving upon our processes.
  • to maintain unquestionable standards of ethical and professional conduct.

Most important is how we treat our clients, our work, and our employees

.We treat each client like a partner

.We treat each project as a unique challenge that deserves a custom solution

.We treat our employees as people with whole lives, and encourage a healthy work-life balance